Saturday, January 13, 2007

REV up the random number generator!

I am dropping this post from 1/16 down out of the way!
Thank you to all the people who donated prizes, and especially to those who donated!

Ok and the winners are:

Anne B. -Knitting Loom Primer

Lacey D.- the loverly Lorna's Laces sock yarn!

Ester S. - Beautiful Knitting

and in our final catagory..

Beckie T- Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms!

Congratulations to our drawing winners and thanks to those who donated prizes to tempt them into donating!

We are still working hard here are the totals:

We have $20,000 donated toward the total goal of $120,000 to rebuild the four target homes in Pearlington. As you know the goal for rebuilding just the Earl's home is $45,000 so there is still not enough to rebuild even one home. So please, keep getting the word out, keep encouraging your local company, house of worship, civic groups to get involved!
Please send them to the Pearlington Project website so they can learn more!


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